Chair: Martin Dokoupil, Partner, Blue Events

  • 09:00 – 11:00
    A: Crisis as an opportunity

    How to turn crisis into an opportunity?

    Zuzana Krajča, HR Partner, Sodexo

    Sodexo is the market leader in providing employee benefits. At the end of the last year, we created the Innovation Factory program, where key employees came up with ideas on how to face the constant challenges in our field. The real challenge came in the spring in the form of COVID-19. Things that were previously unimaginable, had to be sorted out in a few days. To make the most of what we learned during this crisis, we started a project to shift the company to the next level. How did we manage to change the company culture? Our presentation will touch on the change in the working environment, working hours, but also the overall mindset of employees.

    (Co)Working remotely – but staying close

    Vít Vážan, CEO, České Radiokomunikace

    Sharing personal insights and experience from integrating new forms of cooperation into the life of the company. How to be in a real touch with your team as a manager? What worked for us, what didn't. What we've uncovered and what we've learned.

    Hiring trends in Southeast Asia and inspiration from countries where digital disruption is intensive

    Jana Marlé Žižková, Co-Founder and CEO, SheLovesData & Meiro

    Pavel Bulowski, Co-Founder and CMO, SheLovesData & Meiro

    Current times put a great pressure on the efficiency and resilience of companies and their employees. It is essential to understand the key trends that shape the market and to adapt recruitment practices accordingly. How can we get inspired by the countries where digital disruption has been going on for a long time, and across different sectors? What are the new requirements for a set of candidates' skills to help companies grow and stand up to a new reality? How much emphasis is given on diversity and its importance for the prosperity of companies?

    With heart or reason?

    Hana Caltová, HR Director, Kofola

    How can we maintain a balance when the sequence of events deviates from everything we consider normal? Unexpected changes and the complexity of decision-making can be faced in a simple and proven way. Do not hesitate to use common sense, do not betray your values and put your whole heart in everything you are doing.

    Wellbeing as a corporate goal - How to take care of employees' health, both physical and mental and prevent their burnout?

    Vratislav Kalenda jr., CEO, Applifting

    Taking care of your people doesn't have to end with distribution of multisport cards. In current tense times the overall care is important; a care about the soul, psyche and physical state of the employees. We want to share the lessons of our journey to increase wellbeing of Applifters. You will learn what works, and what does not, and how wellbeing can be measured.

    Home office legally correct!

    Jakub Morávek, Lawyer and Partner, Felix a spol. advokátní kancelář

    Jakub Morávek, a leading expert in labour law, will explain how to implement the home office legally and correctly. You will receive a comprehensive summary of the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee when working outside the workplace. Among other things, the issue of compensations or the rules on the provision of benefits when working from home, including meal vouchers and other related aspects will be mentioned.

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    Lunch break

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    B: The future of work = flexibility and resilience

    Honzík's Journey or How not to drown in the deep waters of a new company

    Ewa Kubín, Group HR Director, Mall Group

    Ewa Kubín is HR director of the largest e-commerce group in Central and Eastern Europe. The MALL Group portfolio combines traditional e-commerce, online food sales, internet TV and financial services for online shopping. On boarding is a process of recruitment and adaptation of new employees, which helps them in their rapid orientation and integration into the company. Ewa will zoom in on how on boarding has evolved in recent years in the group, what changes have been undergone since March this year, and what the company has learned about itself and its newcomers during the corona.

    Digital trainer – the future of company training

    Pavel Fáček, Managing Partner, Skilldriver

    Flexibility brings the need for more frequent changes in the skills of both managers and specialists. But how to do it in the environment, where the directive style of management and limited capacity of corporate training prevails? We will show you how technology can help, how to clone your coaching team and how to develop skills remotely, and still very personally.

    How working in isolation kills creative thinking

    Martin Pešta, Managing Director, Geometry Global Prague

    Creative business has always been built on direct interaction of people, confrontation and evolution of ideas across the team. Without tuning into a common creative wave, without the possibility of spouting a multitude of strange and even stranger ideas, without smiles, glances and physical experiences, it easily turns into a predictable, sterile and annoying process. So how do we create an environment for creative interaction and innovation at a time when we are more and more alone at work and, at the same time when the whole world can be our office?

    How to keep morale in the company even "for the second wave"

    Roman Senecký, Managing Director, Mondi Štětí

    Mondi Štětí is the largest paper work in the country. As a part of the global paper group, it provides production for customers in many European countries. Thanks to good crisis management and a large commitment of employees, the factory managed to keep running in the spring. Among other things, thanks to a unique solution, when the company enabled key workers to stay for several weeks directly in the plant. After the summer relaxation, the mood in the Czech Republic changed. People are now far less supportive of reintroducing restrictions, criticising the greed of the measures and tired of negative publicity. It is becoming increasingly difficult for company executives (especially manufacturing) to maintain morale and ensure the smooth running of the company without losing productivity.

    What is the current CEO assignment for HR?

    Panel discussion of company bosses about what they expect from their HR managers in these turbulent times.


    Pavel Cesnek, CEO, Žďas
    Vratislav Kalenda jr., CEO, Applifting
    Vít Vážan, CEO, České Radiokomunikace
    Roman Senecký, Managing Director, Mondi Štětí

    Hana Caltová, HR Director, Kofola
    Dagmar Klimtová, HR Consultant
    Jiří Vacek, Director, HR ONE

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    Conference conclusion