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    A. Management is measurement… or „what I measure is what I manage“?

    Chair: Tomáš Krásný, Partner, Blue Events

    Human Capital Trends 2019

    Pavel Šimák, Director of Advisory Team for Human Capital Area, Deloitte

    Compared to last year, when human capital trends revolved around topics related to a socially responsible organization, respondents of this year's survey perceive that economic, social and political issues have intensified. The emphasis on social responsibility and human attitude towards employees is increasingly strong. But what does this human approach mean? Companies are starting to focus primarily on five themes: sense of work, ethical and fair treatment, cooperation and relationships, personal growth and transparency and openness.

    Why do team KPIs limit team efficiency?

    Tomáš Vodenka, Founder and Consultant, VORK consulting

    Are you wondering why (and how) to abolish team KPIs without burying the company / team? What (and how) to implement to have more efficient teams? Not only this will be revealed to you by Tom Vodenka's lecture, which will not be about theories, but about the transfer of practical experience (trials, mistakes and especially achievements).

    We measure with joy and manage with respect

    Alena Střížová, Procurist and HR Director, dm drogerie markt ČR

    What I manage is what I measure? Or by measuring, I also manage? Both are important, but economic indicators and statistics are not enough for long-term sustainable success. At dm, we add to this equation interest, trust and respect not only for customers and business partners, but also for one another.

    Performance vs potential

    Barbora Riedl Černíková, Managing Director, SHL Talent Assessment

    In evaluating the performance of other people, we look for specific measurable outputs of their work, their added value for the team or even the whole company. But what role in performance does the person's potential play? Can it be measured? How? And should we take greater account of the person‘s performance or their human potential when evaluating? These issues are particularly important in the context of the current labor market situation. During the lecture we will look at them through the perspective of business as well as occupational psychology.

    Three different ways to measure success

    David Pavlík, CIO, Kiwi

    Roman Cabálek, executive mentor and coach, CEO, Better Decision Making Group

    David Pavlík and Roman Cabálek will present three different experiences with measuring success. Using real-life examples, he will show you the approach of Microsoft, Netflix and SpaceX.

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    B. What and how often should you measure for it to make sense?

    Panel discussion of top managers and HR managers representing various fields and types of companies.

    Chair: Martin Dokoupil, Partner, Blue Events

    We will use the experience and competence of the panelists to comment on and further develop the presentations of the first program block. We will focus on the following topics:

    • Whether measurement can be introduced so that people are not afraid of it and the atmosphere in the company does not deteriorate.
    • How to measure things that are difficult to measure.
    • Measurement of work performance vs. measuring employee satisfaction and their relationship towards the company.
    • How to get the most out of measurement.
    • What the disadvantages of measurement are and how they can be minimized.


    Simona Hryzáková, HR Director, Lidl Česká republika

    Petra Kolářová, Country HR Manager, Starbucks CZ/SK

    Robert Kudrna, HR Director Eastern Europe, Saint-Gobain Česká republika

    Monika Mejzlíková, Sales Quality Manager TOP Corporate segment, O2

    Šárka Vernerová, Senior HR Manager, Red Hat

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    Lunch and Networking

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    C. Which tools can help us?

    Specific examples of solutions, techniques and procedures that can help us better acquire and develop human capital.

    Chair: Tomáš Krásný, Partner, Blue Events

    Virtual reality in HR. Just another "hype" or a real "game-changer"?

    Jakub Weberschinke, Senior Manager, Deloitte

    With the upcoming digitization of HR, we are more and more often encountering terms such as blockchain, AI or virtual reality, as well as promises that these new technologies have the power to fundamentally change how HR does its daily work. But what is their real relevance to HR? Is it just a "hype" fed by the hunger for new technologies themselves, or can these technologies have some real added value for HR and the entire company? During my presentation, we will take a closer look at how virtual reality is performing in this aspect.

    Pay transparency and unfireable employees – a view on (non-)measurement of a company that relies on maximum openness

    Martin Bazala, Director, Raynet

    We are IT geeks who love numbers and measurements (in our lingo „stats“) of all kinds. However, when leading people, we in fact only look at one thing – whether we can give one another feedback regularly. And we are often very surprised. :-)

    Minutes for better work

    Lukáš Tóth, Behavioral Economist and Co-founder, BehavioLabs

    A system of one-minute questionnaires and voting that lead to a more satisfied and efficient company. Internally motivated and devoted employees increase productivity and profitability by more than 20 % and reduce fluctuation by up to 65 %.

    Cocktail and afterparty

    Do not be in a hurry! We will be glad if you stay a little longer to exchange opinions with others over a glass of wine.

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