About the conference

Human Capital conference is meant to people on executive positions in the companies and those who are directly responsible for agenda related to employees. Program reflects both strategic and up to date topics and may attract those who do not take people as a resource but a long term inversion to complex prosperity of the company.

Main topic of 2023

The year 2023 continues to be marked by tight budgets of households and companies. The search for efficiency and savings, psychological health or well established communication, these are the topics that are crucial both for people and companies. In what concrete ways their needs have changed and where do they clash or, on the contrary, create synergies to strengthen the business, will be the main topic of this year's conference.

Who may get inspired at the conference?

The content of the program is valid both experts who are in charge of employee agenda in companies (HR/People/Culture/Diversity Director) and top management, from diverse field background.

Structure of participants 2022