About the event

People are not resources, but the capital

Human Capital Conference 2020 is addressed to company owners, Managing Directors, HR managers, and everyone being aware of the fact that people cannot be treated as the sources (as it is might seem from the HR title).

From the textbook of economics: „Capital is the means by which we achieve higher income and profit.“

From company life background: „People are the greatest value we have. They are the basis for our growth and prosperity.“

What will the conference focus on this year?

"Move, who didn't enjoy!"

This year is exceptional for all of us in many ways. As a result of the coronavirus crisis, there are significant structural changes in the economy, and companies and people in them will move and change in various ways. Changes are happening very fast and companies are being forced to adapt quickly to new conditions. In order to remain competitive and to survive in all respects, it is important to know the answers to the following questions, for example:

  • How to know who is important to the company and who is slacking off?
  • How to keep the important ones?
  • How to find new people quickly and correctly so that we can take advantage of new opportunities?
  • How to handle onboarding well?
  • How to say goodbye quickly and well to unnecessary employees?
  • How to properly and effectively take care of the health of employees, both physical and mental, and prevent their burnout?
  • How to integrate new forms of "distance" cooperation into the life of the company? (home office, teleconferencing, ...)

….. And many more…

Together with leading experts, we will discuss the correct answers at the Human Capital 2020 conference.

For whom?

The Human Capital of 2020 is primarily intended for owners, managers, HR professionals and all who are aware of the importance of people for the prosperity of the company and want to work on the systematic improvement of employee experience. The structure of participants of previous years has confirmed the fulfilment of such intention – see a high percentage of participants from the top management.