About the event

People are not resources, but the capital

Human Capital Conference 2019 is addressed to company owners, Managing Directors, HR managers, and everyone being aware of the fact that people cannot be treated as the sources (as it is might seem from the HR title). The source is mined, exhausted, and after some time left for a better bearing. This unthrifty approach in the work with people is unfortunately still typical for many companies. They are faced with a shortage of people, their high fluctuation, low motivation, and other "miseries". They lose an orientation about what is what is the cause and what is the consequence. Everything is even more enhanced by the fast pace of the economy, the pressure on the "production" and thus the increased competition between firms. There is a struggle for good people, and at the same time, the potential of working with them better is wasted.

From the textbook of economics: „Capital is the means by which we achieve higher income and profit.“

From company life background: „People are the greatest value we have. They are the basis for our growth and prosperity.“

What will be the conference focus this year?

  • Management is measurement. This is a common point of view -- but is it the correct recipe? Should we fill out the tables or care about the happiness of the employees in the belief that "the numbers will come by themselves"?
  • And most importantly: Do we measure the right things? What are the real characteristics of the quantity and quality of work? The time spent behind the gates of the factory or in the office? An employee satisfaction? The engagement, happiness and willingness to recommend your company to friends? Or the profit and loss account, and its last line - the "good old" profit?
  • What and how often to measure? How to relate it to the system of rating, motivation and valuation of collaborators? Should the numbers replace the Manager, or should they be used just as a helpful tool?

These are issues to be discussed with top experts at Human Capital 2019.

For whom?

The Human Capital of 2019 is primarily intended for owners, managers, HR professionals and all who are aware of the importance of people for the prosperity of the company and want to work on the systematic improvement of employee experience. The structure of participants of previous years has confirmed the fulfilment of such intention – see a high percentage of participants from the top management.