How to get the most from the covid experience for future will be discussed at Human Capital 2021

Representatives of top management and other experts who cultivate employee experience in companies will meet at annual expert conference Human Capital on December 1, 2021 at Spojka Events in Prague. The program content will focus on stories, how to use experience gained during the pandemic for future development of both companies and its employees.

Human Capital 2020: In the crisis, the importance of human resources departments has increased

Flexibility and resilience will determine the future of work. The current crisis requires companies to listen to the needs of employees and respond quickly to them. At online conference Human Capital 2020 brought stories from companies whose management proudly faced to difficult times.

The Human Capital 2019: Seek for devoted employees who help you when crisis hits

Squeezing employees out in times of economic growth and dismissing them when recession starts is becoming increasingly short-sighted approach which more and more companies leave behind. On the other hand, well-being and potential development are gaining in importance, and companies want their employees to work with internal motivation stemming from enthusiasm, not from the prospect of a quarterly bonus. At least, this was one of broad agreements among the Human Capital 2019 conference’s participants.

Blue Events 2020 Portfolio: New Projects and Annual Business Meetings

Conferences will cover diverse fields from Marketing, Sales, Finance, PR, HR, IT or Retail.

Human Capital 2017: We Are Social Architects Who Help People to Form Networks

How to develop people in companies and companies throughout the people, that was the main topic of the conference Human Capital 2017 which took place on November 22, 2018 at Slovanský dům in Prague. There were 170 people who take care of people in the companies at the level of HR teams and also from the higher levels of the management participating. The organizers were pleased to see among the participants also General Managers, CEOs, CFOs and Sales or Product Managers who represented 40 % of the audience. The goal of the conference was accomplished – the debate on human capital as a real strategic issue which is worth of interest of the top management. The speakers referred into the future, both from the perspectives of the recruitment and production processes, but mainly in terms of people´s needs. Throughout their own authentic claims we stress the main topics of the conference day.

Leadership for Life: passion, fear and business performance

The successful tradition of the conference-concert mix continued with a fifth annual meeting of a hundred of inspired managers, directors and business owners.

The coming generation needs a new type of leader

Male and female energy in leading people and companies, the potential for an active connection of the head and the heart and discussion over the necessary transformation of the leadership style in future were the main topics of the 4th Leadership for Life Conference, which was held on June 4th in the Prague Monastery Brevnov.

Program for the 4th year of the Leadership for Life conference was finalized

Full conference program of Leadership for Life conference (4th June 2014, Břevnov monastery, Prague) and the subsequent CEO workshop (5th June 2014, Chateau Mcely) was finalized.

The key issue for a company’s continued business success: How to develop the potential of future leaders?

The new connected economy demands new skills of managers and leaders.